Sometimes you may want to customise the order of your tasks within certain jobs, or duplicate a particular task within a job. This guide will show you how to easily manage this from the job template.


Moving tasks in a job template

To move tasks around in a job template you can utilise the drag and drop feature. First navigate to Settings > Jobs > Select the job template you would like to amend > Tasks tab.

With drag and drop you will see your tasks presented as below:

From here you can click on the task you would like to move, and drag it into position. You will see a blue dotted line indicating where you are moving the task to.

For instance, in the screenshot below I have task 2. Discuss any other services... and I am moving it up to be the first task.

Then when I let go of the task, you can now see that Discuss any other services... is now task 1.

Duplicating tasks in a job template

Sometimes you may need to duplicate a task within a job, for instance, you may have perfectly set up an email task and need to have several variations of it split by client type.

Duplicating is fairly straight forward. You can see the duplicate button below.

Once you have selected that button, you will be asked to confirm that you would like to duplicate this task, to move ahead click Confirm.

You will now have a duplicate of that task in your job template.