Senta can now integrate with PracticeWeb's website platform, Horizon. The integration enables you to easily sync data entered into your website forms with the forms set up in Senta. 

Setting up the integration

Within the Horizon platform, select the form that you would like to connect with Senta by clicking the blue settings cog icon. And then select Edit.

Navigate to Emails & Actions and select the blue + symbol in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen:

This will give you a list of the possible integrations. Select Senta Action:

You can now enter the Senta details which will include:

  • Endpoint URL
  • API Key
  • Senta fields to map

Endpoint URL

You will need to add the ENDPOINT URL which is the URL you use for your Senta workspace e.g.


Generate the API Key within Senta and add this to the API KEY field in Horizon. Go to Users > Add integration

Give the Integration a name and select the green button, Generate API Key.

Copy the new API Key and add this to Horizon:

Mapping form fields

Within Senta, go to Settings > Forms. Select the form(s) where you would like to map the fields from your Horizon form. For example, in the Horizon form below, I would like to map the name and email address from my Horizon form to the client title and the email address of the first contact in Senta. 

Find the Senta form fields you would like to map and find the related field references. For example, the client title is located in the Client details form with the field reference title:

And the email address of the first contact is located in the Contact details form with the field reference email:

Now I have my two field references, I will need to create the placeholder by adding the relevant prefix to the beginning of the field reference. As my Client name is located in the Client details form, the placeholder will be client.title. The email address from the Contact details form will be

I can now return to Horizon and add these in:

Once you are happy with your Senta Action, click Done in the top right-hand corner:

To save the changes and publish the integration, click Publish and your integration is ready to go.