Sometimes you may want to store the completion date of a task on one of the forms attached to the client record. This can be useful so that you can easily see this information at a glance. By storing a task completion date like this, you can also use the date to start a job as part of a service, or pull it through as a placeholder.

How do I set this up?

In order to begin this process, you must first create a new field on the form where you wish to store this information. For myself, I have chosen to create a new date field on the Client Details form and called it 'ID Submitted'.

You may wish to place your field on a different form than I have. For a full guide on adding fields to a form take a look here.

Now we have our field in place we can use the store task completion date function to extract a date from a job.

Navigate to the job template you need via Settings > Jobs. In this example I am using the Client take-on job template. Click on the task you want to store the date of and select the Advanced tab.

In this tab you will need to select the checkbox for Store task completion date? and add in a field reference. In this case I have chosen 'iduploaded'.

You will be using this field reference shortly so it is wise to make a note of it.

So now we have created the field where we want to store the date, and the date that we want to store. How do we then push this out from the job? We will achieve this using the set a field value task type.

In your job template you will now need to add a new task via the Add task button at the bottom of the page. Name the task, set the task type as Set a field value, and assign the task to Senta.

Under the Set a field value tab you will need to select the field you created at the beginning of this process, then enter the field reference for your completion date. In this example the field is 'ID Submitted' and the reference is 'iduploaded', as you can see below:

I would also recommend adding in a dependency via the Depends upon tab so that this task is reliant on the previous task, where we are storing the completion date. For this example that task is 'Client ID upload' so I have set my dependency as below:

You can read more about dependencies here if you are unsure as to how they function.

Now you are all set. Whenever your client uploads their ID, this date will be pushed out to the ID Submitted field on the client's record.

What can I use this for?

There are a few reasons you may want to set up a task's completion date in this manner:

1. You will easily be able to reference this date at a glance from the client record.

2. You can use this date as the job date in a service.

3. You can easily pull through this date to an email or letter via placeholders.

set a field value

set a field value