Melu is a live chat provider for your website. When you've integrated Melu and Senta, all leads that are generated through Melu's live chat will be added to your Senta CRM.

How does the Melu integration work?

When someone contacts your practice through Melu who is interested in your products or services, this is classed as a lead. When the integration is turned on, Melu will collect some basic information for you from this lead:




Phone number


Melu will also keep a full transcript of the conversation.

Following the conversation in Melu, this lead will then be tagged appropriately. There are two tags:

  1. Unsuccessful - this lead is not to be pursued and no further action is needed.
  2. Pre Qualified - this lead will be raised and created in Senta.

Once the Pre Qualified tag has been applied this will add the lead to Senta. The lead will be added under the client state of "Prospect" and a full transcript of the Melu conversation will be added as a note, tagged as the note type "meluchat".

Turning on the Melu integration

Go to Settings > General settings > Extras to turn on the integration, then click Save at the top of the page.

Once you turn on the integration, a new Melu tab will be added to the General settings page. You will be presented with some introductory text and the option to select if you are a new or existing user of Melu. In order to proceed, you must make a selection here.

If you are an existing user of Melu you will then be presented with some further information on setting up the integration and most importantly a button to generate an API Key.

If you are not an existing user of Melu then Senta will present you with the same API key and a link to sign up for a trial of Melu.

Click the button to generate the API key, it will look something like this:

To finish setting up the integration you will need to go to your Melu Client Portal and enter the API under the Integrations section.

Once this is saved in the Melu Client Portal the integration is completely set up.