There are a number of types of email that Senta sends out on your behalf - for example when you add new practice users, when you assign a task to a client, or when you request a signature from a client. The templates for these emails can all be switched on or off to suit your practices needs. This guide will show you how you can deactivate these email notifications.

Switching off notification emails

Switching off notification emails is a fairly straightforward process. Go to Settings > Practice Details > Emails

In this area you can see the links to edit your notification emails. You can utilise the checkboxes next to these links to designate whether these emails do or do not send.

When the box is checked as below, the emails will send.

Once you click the checkbox you will be asked if you would like to switch off the notification email.

Click Confirm. Now this notification email is switched off and the box is no longer checked, as below.

Now you can click Save to permanently apply these settings.