Senta has an integration with Companies House, allowing you to view a snapshot of a company's Companies House information on their client page. Due to COVID-19, there are currently limitations on the frequency of the updates, and how they can be used by Senta.

How does the integration work? 

Please note this information is subject to change, due to events caused by COVID-19.

Most recent update: October 2020

Currently, Companies House have split Senta's eligible practices into 14 batches, updating each batch once a fortnight on a rotating schedule. This means that changes can take up top two weeks to be reflected on the Companies House tab on a client page. We have also been instructed that we are not able to manually push through updates via our API so are unfortunately not able to increase the frequency of updates.

More information on deferment dates can be found at this link on the Companies House website.

What information is pulled through to a client from Companies House?

The integration with Companies House pulls through a snapshot of company data, including Next Made Up To and Next Due dates for Accounts Production and Confirmation Statement, as well as the Directors' and Secretary Information, and a history of filings.

Companies House integration

What does Senta do with this information?

The Next Due dates are used to Trigger each new period's jobs for clients. The Accounts production and Confirmation Statements services are both defaulted to Trigger based on this date updating on Companies House. 

What are the current limitations due to COVID-19?

Currently, there are a lot of deferments happening to Due dates, based around government legislation to ease the burden on companies. However, Companies House is not actively informing companies or accountants about deferments to dates due to the volume of changes taking place, instead advising that individual companies check their own client records for deferments, and update their accountants accordingly. While there is some overall guidance around what can be expected in the near future, it is not possible to predict exactly what changes will take place, meaning we are not able to future plan for them at this moment.

Additionally, this also means that if a client's Accounts Production or Confirmation Statement job is triggered, and then a deferment is made, the dates on the live job won't automatically update.