Sometimes, you'll be dealing with clients who have several business entities that need dealing with separately. For example, you may have a client with a company called Bloggs Ltd, another company called Jane's Blogs, and who you also do personal tax returns for. In total, this makes three client records (2 x Limited Companies, 1 x Individual) that need to be set up in Senta. You can use the "Copy to" function to make this process quicker and simpler.

The Copy To feature works by providing an easy way to create a new Client from an existing Client Contact. The feature can be configured by going to General Settings > Clients:

and selecting what kind of client type you would like to Copy To - we'll choose Individual from the lookup:

(NB: Any custom client types you add to Senta will also appear in this lookup).

For example, we have a Limited Company client called Bloggs Ltd:

The client has a Contact called Jane Bloggs. We need to do Jane's Personal tax return; so we need a new Individual client for this work. On each Contact, there is a button to the right that says "Copy to [client type]":

This will allow you to copy a Contact directly to a new client record:

In this example, an Individual. 

This will also add a Contact to the new client record, including a link to the original Contact record:

Now that you know how to create a new client record from a Contact, why not check out our guide on Client-contact linking?