We've recently opened up two new triggers in Zapier - Time Record Created and Time Record Updated. This guide will show you how to set up a simple Zap that will create a new Spreadsheet Row in Google Sheets when you add a new time recording in Senta.

Before you begin, you will need:

  • A Zapier Account (a free account is fine), connected to the Senta app
  • Time Recording switched on in your Senta workspace (this can be found under General Settings > Extras)
  • A recent time record to test your Zap with

If you experience any issues while setting up your Zap, Zapier will let you know via an error console on the right hand side of the screen, or you can email Senta Support on support@senta.co and we'll be happy to help troubleshoot.

Setting up your Google Sheet

First, we will need to create a Google Sheet that holds the information from the time recording. There are several different pieces of information linked to Time Recording. We will need to create headers to catch any data you want to pull through from Senta. Unlike other triggers/actions, you will not need to uncover any fields in Senta first.

I created a simple Google Sheet called Time Recording, and added the following column headers:

You can name these headers whatever you like, as we will match these to the Senta data when setting up the Zap.

Setting up your Zap

Next, you'll need to set up your Zap. In your Zapier account, click Make a Zap:

To set up your Trigger, find and select the Senta app:

And then select "Time Record Created" as the trigger event, then click the blue Continue button that appears:

Next, you'll need to select your Senta account and click Save and Continue:

This will let you test your trigger - Zapier will look for a recent time recording:

Once your trigger is tested and successful, you'll see example data from a recent time recording:

Click the blue Continue button to complete your Trigger set up. You'll then be asked to configure your Action. 

Select Google Sheets as the app and "Create Spreadsheet row" as the Action event:

Click Continue, and then select the relevant Google Sheets account, Spreadsheet and if needed, worksheet:

This will bring you to the options to match up your column headers with the data from Senta. Click into each field and select the relevant information you want to bring through from Senta under that header:

When done, click Save & Continue to test your Zap. Once you have a successful test, you'll see the option to Turn on your Zap:

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