We all know that Senta is a fantastic tool for managing your practice, and a lot of our practices implement personalised workflows in ways even our expert support team haven’t dreamt of (and if they’re impressed by a new job then it must be pretty special).

However, we are often asked for suggestions on how to get more out of Senta: to go beyond the vanilla tasks and really make the system work to its fullest potential. This is why we would like to take the time to tell you about a new job template which will help you manage your prospects, assess the potential size of a deal and gauge how important it is to your practice.

Welcome to the Prospect Conversion Job - a quick and easy import from our support team will push a custom service, form and client list to your workspace, ready for you to use right away on any of your prospective clients.

Getting Started

We always encourage all our practices to create a process before creating new workflows within Senta, so here is our own for this job:

By default the service is set to run when activated manually, you can do this by selecting it from the services tab within the client page. This will kick off the prospect conversion job where you will see your first task: fill in prospect conversion form

   Automated tasks are assigned to Senta, Manual to the user (Ant)

The real power with this workflow lies in the automated update to the ‘likelihood of conversion’ field. After each action taken by either the practice user or the client, there is a task assigned to Senta which updates the prospect likelihood field. Conceptually, this process can be done within any workflow and can be a really powerful method of reporting using the client list. For example, you might want to have a field in other jobs for ‘job status’ which is updated after certain steps within the job.

This combines with the annual fee estimate and client list to assist in visualising your most important prospects:

The ‘deal value’ column provides a basic estimation of the importance of each deal by calculating Annual fee estimate x Likelihood of conversion%. This can be used as a base measure when choosing which prospects you might want to provide with extra attention

Where to go next

This workflow is just a starting point, and as with the rest of Senta it can be customised in as much detail as you like. Some suggestions on how you might develop the workflow to better suit your needs are:

Set the service so the prospect conversion job runs for every new prospective client

The service is set to start whenever it is added to the client, however this can be changed so that it starts automatically whenever a new client is added to Senta.

Use the generate a document task to pull together a proposal document for you

Once you have determined which services your client would like to receive you might instruct Senta to put together a proposal document automatically for you based on information previously provided.

Create an autochase task to follow up automatically

While waiting for the proposal to be returned you might ask Senta to send out some e-mails to follow up automatically. 

Customise the percentages 

If you think the set percentages are a little off then change them to be as precise as you like. If you add in extra steps to the job you can also change the rate at which the likelihood of conversion is updated.

How to get the workflow

If you would like to access this workflow then simply raise a support ticket and one of our team will be able to run the import. Please be aware that in order for the import to run successfully you will need to have the client status of ‘prospect’ available in your workspace. This status comes with Senta by default, however if you have removed it then just let our team know and they will help find a solution.