The CircleLoop integration allows you to sync contacts between CircleLoop and Senta as well as logging your CircleLoop calls and SMS under the Notes tab of Senta.

Please note that this integration is still under development, as such if you would like this integration switched on please contact support on


Setting up the integration

To get started with CircleLoop you must ensure that you have added this integration into your Senta workspace. To do this navigate to Settings > Users > Integrations, from here please click Add integration.

Name this integration as you see fit, CircleLoop is of course the obvious choice here.

Now you will need to generate an API key, which acts as a password for CircleLoop. Click Generate API Key, followed by Generate as a confirmation when prompted.

This will generate a key for you. You will need to take a note of this key as you will be required to enter it into CircleLoop.

Now you will need to move over to CircleLoop to complete your integration setup. Navigate to Settings > Integrations. 

Locate Senta and click Install.

Here you will now be prompted to enter your API Key, please enter this as well as your Senta domain, this will be something like Once you have entered this information click Install.

CircleLoop and Senta should now be integrated. Please be aware that if you have a large number of contacts to sync that this may take some time.

Tweaking your CircleLoop integration

Once your integration is live you can also amend how it is configured and enable optional features such as SMS logging. You are also able to update your API Key should you have chosen to regenerate it in Senta.

To tweak your integration in CircleLoop navigate to Settings > Integrations.

Locate Senta and click Configure.

From here you can check which options you would like to enable, or re enter your API Key. Once you are happy with your setup click Apply to confirm the changes.

In addition to tweaking the integration and choosing which information to share between Senta and CircleLoop you can also choose to set up the following options:

  1. Force Flatten Duplicates: If multiple contacts in Senta have the same name, this option will merge them into a single contact in CircleLoop. When calls are logged against this contact in Senta, they are logged against the first contact imported.
  2. Share Contacts Global: As contacts are imported into CircleLoop from Senta, this option will make them available to all users in your company


Help, I am receiving a "403" error when using the integration.

This error occurs when Senta no longer permits CircleLoop to access your Senta account. This is because the API key is no longer functioning, either because it has been deleted or it has been regenerated. To resolve this issue follow the above steps on how to generate an API Key and update your integration with the new key.