Each client record has a dedicated tab for client documents. 

The Documents tab can be used to:

  • store files
  • share files in the client portal 
  • receive documents uploaded by the client into their portal
  • send signing requests


The client document tab

You can access each client's specific document tab to view, sort and upload documents of any kind. Certain file types will have extra actions you can perform via the More actions dropdown menu.

Client-specific Folders

You can create new folder structures on a client by client basis:

You can edit a folder's name by selecting the folder and then choosing Edit folder from the More actions dropdown menu:

Practice Level Folders

You can also add a centralised client folder structure via Settings > Practice details. This will allow you to set up a structure that can only be set up, amended and removed by an Administrator level user, which is great to ensure documents aren't accidentally moved around or deleted. These structures will apply to all clients, and folders can be filtered in or out as needed.

For further information on folders, please see our guide: Creating document folders and subfolders

Adding new client documents 

There are several ways to add a new client document. Firstly, you can simply upload it to the client's document tab. This can be uploaded via the Upload button at the top of the tab:

You can drag and drop documents, folders or folder structures straight into Senta from your file explorer:


When adding documents you'll be offered a choice of who they are visible to:

Once you've chosen who can see the documents, you'll see your upload(s) in the document tab:

Please note: if you try to drag and drop an empty folder into Senta, it won't upload.

Document actions

There are various actions you perform from the client documents tab.

Changing the visibility of a document

Select the file(s) you want to change the visibility of, and select the Change visibility button:

This will allow to you to update who can see the file(s):

Move to folder

You can move file(s) into a folder by selecting the relevant file(s), and accessing the Move to folder function under the More actions dropdown:

Move to job

You can move file(s) to a job, by selecting the relevant file(s), and accessing the Move to job function under the More actions dropdown:

You'll then have access to a list of all the client's jobs, to select where to move the document to:

Deleting files/folders

You can select to delete file(s) and folder(s) by selecting relevant item(s) and accessing the Delete option via the More Actions dropdown:

Please note: deleting a document will permanently remove any questions/comments attached to the specific document. 

Requesting electronic signatures

You can request signatures on PDF documents from the client page. Our guide Electronic document signing explains this in detail.