This guide will help practice users troubleshoot issues with the client portal.


How can I view my practice's client portal? 

To access and view your client portal as if you are a client, we recommend you add a dummy client and contact using an email address that's different to the email address you access Senta with normally. You won't be able to activate the portal with an email that's already set up as a practice user. 

If you're already logged in as a practice user in your browser but are trying to follow the password set up link you've received to access the client portal, this may take you back into your practice workspace.

To avoid this, log out of your practice workspace before trying to log into the client portal, or instead use an incognito window/different browser to log into the client portal with your other email address.


What should I do if my client is struggling to log into their client portal?

Follow these troubleshooting tips to get to the bottom of the issue:

  • Confirm with them which email address they are trying to use to log in, and double check that this is the first email address you have on their Contacts tab
  • Make sure there aren't any spaces before or after the email address stored in Senta
  • Resend them an activation email from their Contacts tab
  • Deactivate, then reactivate their client portal
  • If they're still unable to log in, get in touch with us at 


My client has tried to reset their password but they aren't receiving the email, what should I do?

Follow the troubleshooting tips above, and make sure they check their spam folder. If they still haven't received the reset email, let us know at


When we have a client who changes email address, do we have to re-activate their client portal?

If you are updating the contact with the new email address you should not have to reactivate portal access. Please ensure the new email address is entered above any other email addresses, as the top one will be used as the client's log in email.

Your client will use their new email address to log in once it is set up on the client's contact. For instance, the client above will use to log in.

How can several clients sign the same document?

Currently, Senta doesn't allow for multiple signatures to sign the same document. This is something that has been requested and we will be looking into adding this in the future.