A lot of our practices implement personalised workflows - this guide is here to help you create new workflows, as well as show you the Offboarding workflow we've created.


This new Offboarding job template will help you manage when a client will no longer be receiving your services, while turning off all the automated jobs and making sure you've ticked all the boxes to set them as a former client. A quick and easy import from our support team will push a custom service, form and client list to your workspace, ready for you to use right away on any of your disengaged former clients.


Mapping out the workflow

We always encourage all our practices to create a process before creating new workflows within Senta, so here is our own for this job:


Creating the form

Once we've mapped it all out, it's important to start from bottom to top. So the first thing to do would be to create the form, by going to Settings > Forms > Add Form.

We'll then add as many fields as we need by clicking + Add field, and choosing the field type. Here, we've chosen a date field for "Date of disengagement", a text box field for "Reason for end of service", and a text area field for "Client feedback":

Creating the job and adding the tasks

Once we've finished the form, it's time to create the job, by going to Settings > Jobs > Add job.

In the Task tab, you can add as many tasks as needed, using many different task types. Here are some that we've added for this Offboarding job, though the whole job consists of 18 tasks:


As you can see above in task 11, we've added our form to the job to be filled out. 


Setting up the service 

Finally, we can set up the Service, by going to Settings > Services > + Add service. We'll set it to kick off only when the Service has been added to the client; however, you could alternatively set it up to kick off automatically when a client state is changed to "former" by choosing the first option instead. Read more about automatic services here.

We'll then add the Offboarding job we created, and select the "One-off" frequency for this job:

What will this Offboarding job look like?

This workflow contains:

1 x job template "Offboarding"

1 x service "Offboarding"

1 x form, including links to existing fields

1 x client list with relevant fields

By default this service is set to run when activated manually, you can do this by selecting it from the services tab within the client page. This will kick off the Offboarding job where you will see your first tasks be completed automatically, as they're assigned to Senta:

    Automated tasks are assigned to Senta, and the Manual tasks to the user.

The real power with this workflow lies in the automated removal of all services, and the cancellation of all active jobs for the client. 

The client list will help quickly view all former clients, as well as the date when they were disengaged, and their feedback.

Please note:

You will need to turn the service on manually for clients. If you want this to run automatically when a client state is set to Former, you will need to change the service to be automatic and filter it for Former Clients.

If you would like this workflow added to your site, please contact support@senta.co.