The Invoco integration allows you to sync contacts between Invoco and Senta as well as logging your Invoco calls and SMS under the Notes tab in the client page.


Setting up the integration

If you would like to switch this integration on please go to your Settings > General Settings > Extras, and turn on the Invoco Telecom feature:


Once you've done this, you must integrate Invoco with your Senta. To do this, navigate to Settings > General Settings > Invoco, and from here please click Generate your Senta API key:


This will generate an API key, which will act as a password for Invoco. Be sure to copy this into your clipboard or have it on hand for the next steps, please note that once you navigate away from this screen you will not be able to access the key again.

Next, head over to Invoco, and go into the Integrations tab. Scroll down until you find Senta, and click Link on the right:


This will lead you to an authentication page, to integrate Senta to your Invoco:


Once you click Authenticate, you will be directed to the page below where you can add the name of your company, as well as input the API key generated earlier from within Senta.  

The other option here is to specify a default contact name that will be used for notes where Invoco is unable to recognise a contact within Senta. In this case the first name and last name you input here will be used. As an example, you may wish to set this as:

First Name
Last Name

Which would show in Senta as per the screenshot below:

! Important: if you do not set a first and last name for unrecognised contacts, then Invoco will not leave a note within Senta, so if you would prefer to only have logs for registered contacts within Senta, then leave these two fields blank.

The next step is to make sure that the desktop notifications are turned on within Invoco, by going to Settings > Other:

Making and receiving calls

The Senta integration isn’t dependent on which soft or hard phone you use. You can use any type of soft phone that has been configured with the Invoco system. Bria is Invoco's most popular system and can be used on a Windows PC, Mac and most smartphones. Alternatives include:

  • Bria Enterprise (Stretto)
  • Bria Mobile
  • MicroSIP
  • Zoiper
  • Groundwire
  • X-Lite

Now, whenever you make or receive a call through the Invoco system, it will search your Senta database and attempt to match the telephone number to a contact. If it finds a match, you will then get a pop-up with that person's name and number:

The pop-up itself is a hyperlink, which when clicked will take you straight to Senta, where you can see a note with the call details and a link to the call recording:

You can copy and paste a link of the recording into your browser, directing you to the Invoco page where you can find the recording of the phone call:

If they don't find a match for the telephone number, they will automatically create a new client, using the new contact name you specified earlier (if you opted for it). You will get a pop-up for this too:

A new contact will be created in Senta: