There are several ways to start a Job for a client... and mostly you don't have to do it!

  1. Automatic Services: these Jobs are started automatically for all clients, for example client take-on / onboarding.

  2. Services: for each client, you must switch on all the Services that client will receive, for example VAT, payroll, annual accounts, etc. Once you do that, Senta will start all the Jobs automatically for the client.

  3. Ad hoc kick off: If you have ad hoc Jobs that you want to kick of by hand from time to time, use the Start ad hoc job option on the client. You will be prompted for the necessary details to start the Job. Usually though, you won't need this option.

Which should I choose?

If you do this for clients only once, or once in a while, then your best bet is to kick it off as an ad hoc Job.  Click on Jobs > Start ad hoc job.  Then, choose your client, and the Job, and when you want it to start. The Job will be started and the Tasks will be given to the right people in your practice.  

If you do this Job on a repeating basis, then you will need to set up a Service.  A Service can have different Jobs in, some of which are repeating.  You don't want to have to kick off a VAT return every quarter: put the Jobs in a Service and this will happen for you automatically. 

There are two types of Services: regular Services and automatic Services.  They're the same, except that automatic Services start automatically.  Find out more in our guide to Services.