Senta comes with a practice-wide outbox - a holding point for all the email sent by Senta or by colleagues in the practice. 

It's really useful for two main reasons: 

1. When you're first getting to know Senta and want to understand what emails it is sending.

2. If you have new or junior staff and you'd like to have a quick glance at what they're writing before it goes to the client.

When the practice outbox is turned on, you must approve all emails for them to be sent.

How does the practice outbox work?

When Senta sends an email, or anyone in your practice does, the email doesn't send straight away. It sits in the practice outbox. As a practice manager, you'll see when there's an email waiting because a small green envelope will light up in the top bar of Senta: 

Click the envelope to see the practice outbox.

Using the practice outbox

When you go to the practice outbox, you'll see a list of all the messages waiting for your approval.  

You can click on an email to review it. You can edit a message using the Edit message button.  Click Save when you're done and you'll return to the practice outbox. 

If you want to cancel sending, select one or more messages using the tickboxes and then click the Delete button. 

To approve messages and send them, select one or more messages and then click the Send button.  At this point your messages will be sent via your usual mail service: Gmail, Exchange, etc. 

Any emails in the practice outbox must be sent out manually by a user, Senta cannot currently send emails out from the outbox for you.

Switching off the practice outbox

If you're happy for emails to be sent without your approval, you can switch off the practice outbox altogether - just go to Settings > General settings and switch the practice outbox to off.

Click Save and you're done - emails will now go immediately and won't go via the practice outbox. 

You can also choose whether the practice outbox is restricted to just practice managers, or is accessible to all users.