Add custom filters

You can add custom fields to the jobs list, allowing you to filter the list in the way you would like:

Go to Settings > General Settings > Jobs Lists

Click on Add field

Select the fields you'd like to appear on any jobs lists

Click OK, and then click Save

When you return to the jobs list, you should now have the option to filter by the fields you just added.

Add date columns

You might want to add a column to your jobs list to show other key task dates from your jobs - for example the date that records have been received from your client.

To do this, you first need to find the task in the job template, and ensure that you are storing the task completion date.

Go to Settings > Jobs > Select the relevant job > Select the relevant task

Click on the 'Advancedtab and tick 'Store task completion date'.

Enter a field reference for the task completion date, then click 'OK'.

Go to the 'Dates' tab for the job, and click 'Add date'.

In the offset field, enter the same field reference that you used for the task completion date and add "+0d" to the end.

Select Yes under "show as column", and enter a column name. Save the job.

Now when you open the jobs list, a new column will display showing the task date.

Filter options on the jobs list

This option is particularly useful for practices with multiple offices.

For example:

Your practice has 4 offices based in Bristol, Salisbury, Derby and Newport. 

First we will need to add those offices to Senta, and we can do that by adding new lookups.

Go to Settings > Lookups

Click Add lookup and then add a lookup description e.g Office.

Add the location for each office

Hit Save!

Now we will have to add a new field to the clients page to be able to assign the client to one of the offices.

Go to Settings > Forms > Client details > General tab

Click add field at the bottom of the page.

Add field description: Office
Select field type: Lookup
Select lookup: Office

Hit Save at the top of the page!

Now we will have to add a new field that will allow us to filter by the location of the offices.

Go to Settings > General settings > Job lists and click Add field

Please highlight Office from the list and click OK:

The configuration has been completed! We are now able to filter the job list by office location:

To bulk assign your clients to one of the offices follow the step-by-step instructions below:

Go to Client list > Select clients > Actions > Update field

Select the Office option as your target field:

Click OK and select to which office you would like to assign your clients to:

Click Confirm.