What is Senta?

Welcome to Senta, the cloud-based practice management platform that was founded to make your accountancy practice more profitable, more scalable and to help you deliver great customer service.

Our mission is to help you run your practice, giving you more time to grow your business & help your customers.

What can you use Senta to do?

CRM, client onboarding, marketing, integrations, workflow automation, document management, insights.

Main benefits of Senta

  • All of your client data in one place
  • Automated highly customisable Job Templates to suit your practice's needs
  • Integration with other tools: Companies House, The Pensions Regulator, Quickbooks, Xero, email...

Getting Started with Senta

Setting up your practice with a brand new management tool can be a little daunting, so we’ll guide you through the basics in an easy to digest way, allowing you to get Senta working for you as quickly as possible.

Understanding the various elements of Senta will help you to navigate quickly. Why not take a few minutes to familiarise yourself with the various menus in Senta?

Key terms

What is a Client?

Any company or individual that you provide services to, as well as former clients and prospects.

What is a Service?

A group of Jobs, for example a VAT service that is made up of 4 quarterly returns every year.

What is a Job?

The elements that make up a Service, which can be repeated at regular intervals. A Job is made up of tasks and deadlines.

What are Tasks?

The individual steps in a Job.

Home screen

Here is a preview of your home screen. This is the page that will open every time you log in to Senta. 

If you are ready to jump in, take a look at our guide to navigating around Senta.