In this tutorial, Louise from Senta Support shows you around the Senta home screen and dashboard, and also shows you how to resize and add widgets.

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1. The Dashboard

The dashboard is on Senta’s home page, and is the page that will open when you first sign in to Senta. This is the place where you can see useful information from the moment you sign in to Senta. You can customise this layout in whatever way suits you - resize windows, delete them and drag them around. Once you’ve made your changes, remember to click the green Save button.


The dashboard comes preloaded with a number of widgets e.g. calendar, scratchpad, accounting news, clock. 

Your dashboard can be customised to display just the widgets you need to see, using the Add widget button at the top left.

We have created a range of widgets to add to your dashboard, but if you don’t see what you are looking for, let us know and we can create a new widget for your practice.

Widgets can be rearranged by clicking and dragging the bar at the top of each widget.

When you have finished updating your widgets, remember to press Save.

2. Navigation bar

The navigation bar is located at the top of the page, and is the key to finding your way around Senta. It includes buttons to Search, access the Home screen, go to Clients, Work and Documents.

Clicking on Senta or Home will take you back to the dashboard.

The magnifying glass symbol opens up the search bar

The Clients menu contains your Client list, as well as ways to add new clients.

The Work menu contains information about any Tasks or Jobs that need to be completed.

The Documents menu is where you can access any practice or client documents.

3. Notification Buttons

The email button connects to your practice outbox, which contains any emails that are waiting to be sent. This will glow green when you have any unsent emails.


When Senta wants you to do something, the notification globe in the middle of the top menu will light up and make a sound.

If the globe's green, it's a request for something or information for you.


If it's red, then it's a warning – for example if a Task has gone overdue.

Click on the globe to see the notifications.

The cloud symbol lets you know if you are having any connectivity problems.


4. User menus

The Help and support menu is where you can find guidance about using Senta. This includes the option to allow access by the Senta support team.

The Your account menu is where you can make changes to any personal settings.

The Settings menu allows you to make changes to the configuration of Senta.

Once you are happy with navigating around Senta, take a look at how you can add clients.