In this video tutorial, Laurence from the Senta Support team shows you how to add clients and contacts to your Senta workspace.

Text version of this tutorial

We've deliberately made client management extra quick and easy with Senta. You can add as many or as few details as you like. Senta will save your new client data, even if you've not filled in all the fields. Come back and add anything else later.


Senta can also save you time by integrating with existing client data, including that already on Companies House.


When you save a client, Senta will do any client take-on tasks that are required. If Senta needs any information about your clients, it will ask you for it. You can customise your client take-on process - more on this later.


Add a Client

Click on Clients in the top menu and choose Add client. 

From here you can fill out your client details then click Save to add the client to Senta.

Add contacts

When you add a client, you can add contacts via the Contacts tab.


Add as many or as few contacts as you like. Once you've added a contact you can send them emails and invite them to upload documents.


You have a whole range of options to choose from when selecting a Client Type, such as External/Internal Accountant and External/Internal Bookkeeper.


Start by finding your client’s profile, click on the Contacts tab, then click Edit.

Next click Add Contact to create a new contact



Add all the relevant details for the new contact.

When you're done, click Save to store the details.


Add notes about your clients

You can add notes any time you speak to your clients, from the Notes tab on the client page.

Click the Add note button.

Type the note into the box, then press Save.



Notes can be pinned so they always display at the top of the client page. Click the pin symbol on the note.

You can change the colour of notes by clicking on the drop symbol on the note.

To add more note types, take a look at our guide here.

Once you have added your clients to Senta, try adding services and starting Jobs.