In this video tutorial, Louise from the Senta Support team shows you how to add services, and how this will kick off Jobs automatically in Senta.

Text version of this tutorial

Senta is designed to save you and your practice time, so once you’ve added Services to your clients  –  Like VAT, payroll or annual accounts –  Senta will kick off the relevant Jobs automatically, without your users or clients having to do anything else.


Adding Services for new clients

When you first set up a client in Senta, as soon as you change their state from 'prospect' to 'client'...

...Senta will kick off a 'Client take-on' Job, under the Work tab.

In the 'Client take-on' Job, there is a Task called 'Add services / fees', which is the form where you will select any Services for your new client.


Any Services that you tick will automatically kick off new Jobs for the client, once you click Save.

The Work tab now shows a new Job, 'Accounts production'.

You can check which Services have been set up for your client by going to their Services / payment tab.

Adding Services for existing clients

To add a Service for an existing client, where you have already completed the form in the 'Client take-on' Job, find the client, and click Edit. 



Click the Services tab.

Tick any services that you're doing for the client. Click Save when you're done.

Senta will kick off all the right Jobs for that client. Usually that means Senta will need to ask you for more information – VAT quarter for example. You'll get a green notification if that's the case.

Work tab

Any Jobs that have been kicked off for your client will show under the Work tab on the client page.

Clicking on this tab will open up the Jobs list for the client. The Jobs list can be organised using the arrows next to the column headings.

Some columns can be filtered, for example the filing date can be filtered to only show Jobs due in the next 7 days.

You can use the menus about the Jobs list to narrow down your selection to only certain Job types...


...or states.


When you click on a Job, it will open a list of the Tasks that make up the Job, and you will also be able to see a Summary of the key dates that make up the Job.

Like Jobs, Tasks can be organised using the arrows in the column headings.

Within Senta, there are different Tasks types according to what you would like to achieve. Send email tasks will take you through to a screen where you can edit the details of an email before sending it out.

Upload tasks require your practice or the client to upload a document to complete the task.

Manual tasks are usually performed outside of Senta. To complete them just click “Mark as completed”.

The Status column has information about each task.

“Completed” tasks show the date of completion when you hover over the status.

“Ready” tasks need to be completed.

“Blocked” tasks cannot be completed until a requirement has been fulfilled. This might include completing a previous task, or providing more information such as adding a contact to a client.

“Pending” tasks have a start date in the future.

Each task has the option to Snooze it until a later date, assign it to a different user, add a note, change the start/due date, or cancel it altogether.

At the top of the page there are options to add a note to the Job, change deadlines within Jobs, send emails, or cancel the Job.

If you are happy setting up Services and Jobs, try learning about how documents are saved in Senta.