In this video tutorial, Laurence from the Senta support team shows you the document management features available in Senta.

Text version of the video tutorial

Senta has a comprehensive set of document management tools built in. With unlimited storage available, you can upload as many documents as you like. You can then share with clients and search all available documents on your Senta Workspace. 


Senta also has document signing built in, allowing your clients to quickly and easily give their signature without leaving their Senta client portal.


Senta supports most of the file types you will currently use on a daily basis, including PDFs, Word documents and Excel sheets.


As well as uploading your own documents for clients to see, clients can also share their incoming documents with your practice by uploading directly to their own client portal.

There is a 150mb limit for any single file uploaded to Senta. There are no storage limitations for total volume of files.

Acceptable use policy: Senta is only to be used for storing practice-related documents.


Add documents anywhere in Senta

Documents can be dragged and dropped into any page of Senta. 


If you add a document to the home page, it will automatically go into the “Uncategorised documents” folder, under the Documents menu.


Add documents to clients

If you click and drag a document onto a Client page, you will be given the option to make the document visible to specific contacts of the client, or just to the practice. To learn more about document visibility, take a look at our guide here.

Further information on client documents can be found in our guide: Working with client documents

Add documents to Jobs

You can also click and drag files directly onto Jobs. They will then be displayed under the Documents tab within that Job.