In this video tutorial, Louise from the Senta support team shows you how to sort and filter your client list, save custom views and add new columns.

Text version of this tutorial

Client lists allow you to  view and select the right set of clients for any tasks you wish to do. Whether you’re sending emails, exporting client data or kicking off Jobs, Senta’s Client List is a powerful organisational tool.

In the same way that task lists within clients can be sorted and filtered, so can client lists. You can filter a list to only show, for example, Limited companies.

You can then save this list by clicking the Custom view menu on the right.

This new list will save under the Client menu.

From the Custom view menu you can also edit the columns on show in the client list. You can reorder the columns by clicking and dragging...

...Or you can add new columns from any available field in Senta.

You can select and add multiple fields at once:

You can also Flag a client, or Star a client. Flags can be seen by anyone in the practice, while stars are only visible to you

You can then filter your Client list by flagged and starred clients.

Once you have learned about using client lists, take a look at sending emails in Senta.