In this video tutorial, Laurence from the Senta support team shows you how to start sending emails to clients

Text version of this tutorial

Senta has three great ways to let you contact your clients via email: You can send bulk emails to groups of clients, one-offs to specific people and, best of all, set up automatic email tasks using customised email templates as the ultimate time saver for endless daily emails.

Before you use email in Senta, we recommend setting up integration with your existing practice email service. You can find instructions on how to do this here.

Please note - if you do not set up your email integration, any emails sent from Senta will come from and you will not receive any replies from clients. 

Once you’re set up, let’s take a look at the mailshot feature in Senta:

Sending a bulk email

Start with the client list you want to contact.

Select all the clients you want to email

Click Actions and then Email

From here, you can enter and format your email text, amend the recipients and sender, and choose whether to send to the Primary client contact, or all contacts for that client.


To format text, use the toolbar at the bottom of the text entry box. Simple formatting functions such as Bold, Italic, hyperlinks and more can be accessed here. You can also make use of placeholders to customise your emails.

When you are happy with your email, you can click the green Send Emails button at the bottom of the screen, and confirm in the pop up.

These emails will go into your Practice Outbox, which is accessible via the email button on the top menu. The Practice Outbox can be switched on and off (via General Settings > Email). When it is on, all emails sent from within Senta will go there prior to being sent to contacts. If this is off, emails will go straight to contacts.

Select all the emails in your outbox and press send, then confirm in the pop up window.


Sending a one off email

You can of course send one off emails to clients, simply by visiting their record, and clicking Send email. You will then see the usual email composer.

Please note that Senta doesn't support placeholders in one off emails sent directly from the client record. The information normally pulled by placeholders is populated automatically:

Setting up an email task

To find out how to set up email tasks as part of a Job, including how to automate emails, take a look at our detailed articles on Job Creation and Task Types.

Once you are happy with sending emails, take a look at Jobs and configuration.