Laurence from the Senta support team takes you through an example of how to use Auto chase on your email tasks

Text version of this tutorial:

Auto chase can be really useful when you want to set up automatically generated emails reminding your client to complete an important task, such as uploading documents.

1) Go to Settings > Jobs and select the Job that contains your send email task. Click on the Tasks tab.

2) Click on the Send email task you wish to add autochase feature to

3) Go to the email tab and Tick the 'Auto chase' box. This will add a new 'Auto chase' tab.

4) Click on the Auto chase tab, and set a frequency for your chase emails to occur:

5) Choose the subsequent task in the Job which the auto chase is dependent on. The auto chase emails will be sent at the frequency you specify until this task is completed.

6) You can additionally choose to set a cut off date for the chase emails, or a maximum number of chases.

7) Choose a number of variation emails to be sent, e.g. You could have 2 different versions of the email send as auto chases. If the chase gets sent out more times than the number of variants you have in place, for example 4 chases but only 2 variants, Senta will keep sending the last variant. For example:

Chase 1 - Variant 1 email

Chase 2 - Variant 2 email

Chase 3 - Variant 2 email

Chase 4 - Variant 2 email

If you select no additional variants, the client will receive the same email each time.

8) Click on 'Chase 1', 'Chase 2' etc, and draft these emails. You might like to use different wording for these to the original email:

9) Once you've finished editing, click OK on the task, then click Save on the Job. Choose Update existing Jobs when prompted if you wish to update all current Jobs of this type you have in process.

Once this is set up, from now on your initial email will go out, and if the required task is not completed by the frequency specified, the subsequent chase email tasks will be created.

Please note: if you do not send one of the chase emails e.g. chase 1, then Senta will not create any further chase emails.