There are a number of types of email that Senta sends out on your behalf - for example when you add new practice users, when you assign a task to a client, or when you request a signature from a client. The templates for these emails can all be edited to suit the way that your practice prefers to address your staff and clients.

To make any changes to these emails, go to Settings > Practice details > Emails.


You can use placeholders in any of these template emails, as you would when sending any other emails in Senta:

Some notification email placeholders use a syntax which means that the wording of the email can vary depending on e.g. how many tasks have been assigned to the client.

If you assign 1 task to a client, they will receive an email with the subject line "1 new task has been assigned to you..."

If you assign 3 tasks to a client before sending the notification email from your outbox, they will receive an email with the subject line "3 new tasks have been assigned to you..."

This syntax uses "if" clauses in much the same way that Excel uses them, using the format

    "if { clause, option1, option2 }"

If "clause" is true, option1 will be used. If not, option2 will be used.

So in the email below:

    {count} new task {if(count>1, "s")} {if(count=1, "has","have")} been assigned to you


    1 new task has been assigned to you...

    3 new tasks have been assigned to you...