The GoProposal integration allows you to send proposals to your clients via GoProposal site and have them triggered the relevant services in Senta automatically. 

Using the integration

Whenever a prospect accepts a proposal in GoProposal, the following will happen:

  • If the client does not already exist in Senta, a new client will be created and they will be set as a client
  • If the client already exists as a prospect within Senta, then they will be converted to a client.
  • Any services that the client has agreed to will be selected for the client

If you create a annual renewal proposal in GoProposal, any new services will be added to the client in Senta. If the client chooses to discontinue any services, you will need to unselect them from the client's services tab in Senta.

Turning on the GoProposal integration 

Go into your GoProposal site, then under Settings > Integrations > Senta you should see the following:

Firstly you will need to generate a "Senta Access Key". In a separate browser tab open your Senta workspace, and click on Settings > Users > Add integration 

Call it something like "GoProposal"

Then Generate API key

Copy and paste that key back into GoProposal:

Finally, fill in your Senta “subdomain”, i.e. the address of your Senta workspace without the “https://” or the “”

Linking services between GoProposal and Senta

Linking the services between GoProposal and Senta will allow you to automatically trigger services in Senta as soon as your client accepts their proposal. 

To link the services between GoProposal and Senta go to GoProposal site > Configure > Line items

Next, choose the service that you would like to link between GoProposal and Senta. 

Use the Line Item Label to select the service in GoProposal and then select the equivalent service in Senta from the Senta Services drop down.

Alternatively, Proposal types in GoProposal can be set up to match a bundle of Services in Senta.

You can add multiple Senta services to each Proposal type.