Adding attachments to emails in Senta is an easy way to ensure that clients receive documents, either as part of a job or just via an ad hoc email.


Attaching documents

Any time you compose an email, whether as part of a job or as an ad hoc email, you can drag and drop files into it or click the paperclip to attach documents:

  • From your desktop, by clicking on Upload...
  • From your client's Documents tab
  • From your practice documents

Attaching documents as part of a job

Emails that are sent as part of a job can also automatically attach standard documents every time the email task runs. You configure this as part of a job by going to Settings > Jobs, opening the relevant job, then opening the email task. Click on attach file, and attach any standard documents.

This will ensure that any documents uploaded into the job once it is running for a client will automatically attach to the email to send to the client.

For example, you might want to always send your Ts&Cs to new clients automatically. If the email task is assigned to Senta, the documents will be attached and the email will be sent automatically. If, on the other hand, the email task is assigned to you, the documents will be attached, but you get the chance to remove them, add extra ones, etc.

Please note: it is not possible to upload Practice Documents to email tasks. You will need to upload the document from your computer or device.

Automatically attach job documents to email tasks

There is the option to automatically attach any documents that you have previously added to a job. For example, if you were doing someone's accounts you could upload various sets of accounts, and they would all be attached.

You set this up in the job configuration by going to Settings > Jobs, opening the relevant job, then opening the email task. 

Go to the Email tab within the task, and select Automatically attach any job documents.

Again, this can be sent automatically when assigned to Senta, or presented to you first. Note that only documents you've made visible to the client are sent. Any working papers, for example, that are practice-only are not sent. 

Security when sending documents to clients

Many practices have expressed concern about using email for attachments - obviously some documents you send out will contain a lot of personal and privileged information. When we added our email attachment functions, we implemented a method to try to improve security using the client portal.

The attachment is not actually sent with the email when you upload it. Instead the document is uploaded into the portal, and then a website link to the document is added to the email, rather than it being attached. The recipient can then click to download.

When the client clicks on the link, the portal checks to see if they are activated.
  • If any contact on the client record is activated on the portal, the file is secured behind the client portal. The recipient(s) will either be prompted to sign in to view the document, or if they are already signed into their portal, they'll have immediate access to the document.
  • If no contacts are activated, the recipient(s) can download the file straight away without being prompted to sign in to the portal. It is, in effect, as safe as normal email.

If you decide to activate a user, all of their documents will be immediately secured. If they click on the link in a previous email, they will be prompted to sign in to the portal.