You can update existing client records with additional information by using the importer. This can be useful for importing things like VAT numbers or Tax information that you might not have had when you first created a client record.

It's important that you match the data to the names of the clients exactly as they appear in Senta. To ensure that this happens:

1) Go to Clients > Client list.

2) Sort and filter the list to only show you the companies you want to update. 

3) Go to Actions > Export. When prompted, choose 'Export visible columns only'.

4) Open the exported CSV sheet in your spreadsheet editing software.

5) Add the details you wish to update in columns in line with the company names, giving each one a heading. (If the fields already exist in Senta, be sure to name the columns with the same name as the field).

6) Save the spreadsheet, ensuring it is still in CSV format.

7) In Senta, open Clients > Import clients

8) When prompted, upload the CSV you just saved a moment ago.

9) On the mapping page:

- Ensure that each column with the update data is ticked to be imported.

- On each of the update data columns, ensure there is a target selected. If there isn't one, click 'Choose field' and then select a field from the available ones in Senta. If you don't yet have a field in Senta for that data, you can click 'Create'. This will add the field to the 'General' tab of the client records.

- Tick the Client name column as the 'Key' column (this will add the update data to the existing records in Senta, rather than creating new ones)

At the top of the page, click '3. Import records

10) On the Import page, click 'Reimport existing'. You will be told how many records will be updated at this point.

Your client records will update with the new data.

If you created new fields during the import, they will be saved on the General tab of the client records.  You can then move the fields to new areas of the client records by following this guide: Moving and copying fields.