For various reasons, such as in the case of an employee departure, a practice might decide that they need to reassign a deactivated user's tasks to a new user within the practice.  

You may want to add a new user to your site to reassign the tasks to.

Reassign tasks


Go to the Your tasks list under the Work tab, and filter it down to show any tasks that are overdue, ready, in progress, pending, blocked, uncompletable or pending. This will ensure that all current active tasks will be reassigned from the deactivated user to the new user.

Make sure that this task list is also filtered to display all jobs starting any time.

To locate the deactivated user on the user list, first select Everyone, then scroll to the bottom of the list, where you should see the names of any deactivated users.

Click to select the tasks that you want to reassign to the new user.

At this stage, it is important to note that if a practice selects to reassign any In Progress tasks, this action might mark them as undone and affect the workflow.

Click on More actions, then select the "Assign tasks" option:

And then select the new user from the list of available users before clicking on Assign tasks to complete the process:

Finally, you should deactivate the old user by going into Settings > Users > Select user > Deactivate: