You can upload documents to the client portal for multiple clients simultaneously via the bulk email feature.

Please note: if any clients are not activated on the portal, the document will just send to them as an email attachment.

To get started go to the Clients menu and click on the Client list.

Next, click the top box in the top left of the Client list to select all client records or apply the relevant filters and select chosen records.

Selected records should highlight in yellow.

Once the records are selected, click on the Actions drop down and select Send email. This action will open up the Send emails window, where you can add a message to your clients and attach the document that you would like to upload to the Client portal. To upload the document click on the paperclip icon at the bottom right, just underneath the Message box.

You will now have the option to either select a document from your Practice document folder or alternatively, you can upload a file from your computer by clicking on the green Upload button. Please note that you can select multiple files and upload them simultaneously. 

Once you select the files that you would like to upload, depending on the visibility set for each of the documents, you will be asked whether you wish to change the visibility of the document. You will see this pop up message:

Click the Make them visible button to make the files visible to the clients.  To learn more about setting document visibility, take a look at our guide Setting document visibility

Now all there is left to do is to send the email to your clients, which will notify them of the documents available to view on their Client portal.