It is easy to send quick one-off text messages to clients from any client page.

Please note: our text messaging feature is currently unavailable during the 30-day free trial of Senta.

Sending an ad hoc text message

On the client page, click on Send text message.

From here you can compose a message and choose which contact to send it to.

As with emails, you can use placeholders to customise the message, like this: 

Sending text messages in bulk

You can now set up a Text Message task to run as an Ad-Hoc Job from the Client List. To do this, you need to set up a Text Messaging Job, by going to Settings > Jobs > New Joband choose Send Text Message from the dropdown:

Configure your Text Message Task as you would like:

And click Save.

Then go to the Client List, and select your desired recipients. Go to the Actions menu and choose Select Ad-hoc Job:

Select the relevant Job from the dropdown and confirm to send your text: