It is easy to view a list of any completed tasks, so you can have an overview of everything happening in the practice.

You can view all your completed tasks from the Your task list. 

Go to the Work menu, then click on Your tasks.

Next, select the status filter (the last green drop-down box in the top right) and tick the word Completed. If you click on the name of the status rather than ticking the box, Senta will automatically clear any other ticks from the boxes.

Your task list will filter down to only show completed tasks.

Quick tip: Once you filter the list down to show all completed tasks, you can further narrow it down to only display tasks from a specific job, or tasks assigned to other users. Just use the green filter options at the top of the page.

For example, we can filter the list to show all completed tasks for payroll jobs by selecting payroll from the job filter, and then filtering the tasks to only show those which are completed.

Click Custom view > Save view as... in the top right to save the filtered view as a brand new list.

Name your new list and click OK.

You will now be able to access your filtered list from the Work menu.