Senta will automatically create jobs a set distance into the future, however you can also manually choose how far ahead you want jobs to show.

The default date offsets are as follows, relative to the job date:

Annual jobs : -3m

Quarterly jobs: -1m

Monthly jobs: -1m

Weekly jobs: -1w

Daily jobs: -1d

You can manually override this date offset by editing any service, just go to Settings > Services and select a service. 

Choose a service job, and add in a date offset to the field below the filters.

For example, if you set a monthly recurring job to show -2m in advance, this means that jobs will be created 2 months before the job date.

The VAT return service in the example below has been set so that VAT jobs show -2m before the job date. The job date for VAT jobs is the month end, so based on the date of 19th November 2019, jobs have been created for the periods ending 30th November and 30th December 2019. 

If you initially set a job to be created -9m in advance, and then later change the job to be created -6m in advance, Senta will remove the additional jobs that had previously been created so that jobs only show up -6m in advance. Senta will only remove these additional jobs if no tasks have been completed within them.