Jobs can be triggered in Senta automatically by a change of a field value, which can be done manually by selecting a new field value or automatically, like changes to a date pulled through from Companies House.


What is a triggered job?

A triggered job is a job that will automatically start in Senta when data in a trigger field will change. A good example of how this works is a Client take-on job which triggers automatically when we add new clients to Senta and change their client state from a "prospect" to a "client".

How do I set a triggered job?

First, we will have to ensure that the job that we want to set up as triggered is part of a service. Once that's done, we can set the frequency of that job to "When triggered".

Selecting When triggered from the How often drop-down box, will give you multiple choices to further customize the triggered job:

  1. Select Trigger field
  2. Trigger type
  3. Trigger for current value as well?
  4. Set the job date to
  5. The option to set filing date and period dates

1. Trigger field - clicking the Trigger field drop-down will open up a field picker window. Select one of the fields and click OK to confirm your selection of the trigger field. When data changes in this field the job will trigger. 

2. Trigger type - this option is defaulted to Changes and cannot be edited.

3. Trigger for current value:

  • If you select Yes, Senta will trigger the job as a one-off for the current value and then it will trigger again, whenever there is a change to the field
  • If you select No, a Job will only be kicked off after the trigger field has changed. This is useful if you want a job to only kick-off after a client's address changes, but not for their current address

4. Set the job date to:

  • For trigger fields that don't contain a date, "Set the job date to" will automatically be set to "Whatever the date is when the job starts"
  • For trigger fields that do contain a date, "Set the job date to" can also be changed to "The new value of the [trigger field]" - in this example, the new confirmation statement due date

5. Set the filing date and period dates - This is used specifically used for Accounts production, triggered from Companies House for UK practices. If you choose Accounts next made up to as the trigger field, and set the job date to the new value, Senta will give you the option to also set the filing date and period dates. 

Triggering jobs from dates in Companies House

Please note that this applies to UK practices only.

Accounts production and Confirmation statement are automatically triggered from dates pulled from Companies House.

If you have added a company from Companies House, or you have added a company number to the Companies House tab for an existing client, then all you need to do to is turn on the appropriate service and the jobs will run automatically.

Senta will ensure that the filing dates are pulled directly from Companies House. Any triggered jobs will display a magic wand symbol next to them. 

For a full guide about triggering jobs from dates in Companies House, take a look at our support article about Companies House integration.

Triggering jobs from any changing field on a client record

You can trigger a job based on any field within Senta changing, for example you could create a job when a client's bookkeeping package is changed, to double check that everything has been set up correctly after the change. 

In the job picker you can select which job it is you want to run, and then use the field picker to select which field you want to use as the trigger field.

Once you have selected the trigger field, you can then decide whether it will also trigger from the current value when the service is turned on, or only when changes are made. 

This triggered job can be set up on its own service, or added to an existing one, for example in this case it could be made part of the bookkeeping service. 

How do I filter triggered jobs?

You can filter triggered jobs to ensure that they only trigger for example; for a relevant client type, for clients with a specific service, for jobs set to a certain frequency etc.

To filter the triggered job, click the Add filter box.

Select the relevant field from the field picker and click OK.

Depending on the field type, you will see a few options by which you can filter the job. For example, the Client type field will allow us to filter the job to client type such as LLP, Limited company, Individual, Partnership etc.

To make your selection, tick the boxes and save changes at the top of the page.