Once a Job has been created, you can look inside it to show you useful information, view and complete tasks, record time and upload documents.

To open a Job, click on the name of the Job anywhere it appears in Senta.

At the top of the Job, you'll find a summary of the Job's Key dates (These are calculated based on the settings in the Job's template)

Adding notes

At the top of the Job there are a few options

You can add a note to the Job

These will then appear on the notes section of the Job

Recording time

You can also record time on a Job

Recorded time items will then display in the Job's Time section, as well as on the Time tab on the client's record

Change dates

You can update any of the key dates in a live job using this drop down:

Once you change a date, the Job summary will update, and any tasks that start or are due relative to that date will update.

Send an email

Click on the send email button to quickly create an email to the primary contact of the Job's client (Or click the drop down arrow to choose from other contacts)

Job Documents

The documents area allows you to upload and store documents directly to a Job. It will also display any documents that have been uploaded via 'Upload a document' type tasks in this Job.

You can also request an electronic signature of any of these documents

Task features

Lower down the Job page you'll find the task list, which shows all of the tasks in the Job.

Click on any task to expand it and display these options:

The blue button will allow you to complete the task in whatever way is determined by its task type. Once a task is completed it will be marked with a time and date stamp, and the name of the user who completed it.

The Snooze drop down allows you to snooze a task for a particular time period, meaning it will not show up in the assigned users' task list during that time.

The assignee drop down allows you to re-assign that task to another user (This will only affect the task in that instance of the Job).

The add note button allows you to add a note to that task (this will not complete the task).

The more drop down gives you access to the options to change the start or due date for that task. You also have the option to cancel the task.

If you wish to make a change to multiple tasks at once, you'll need to select them with the check boxes on the left hand side

You can then open the More actions menu to perform bulk actions on those tasks. You'll also find the option to cancel job on this menu.