Teams can be created in Senta to allow certain tasks to be assigned to a particular team of practice users with the option of adding team leaders. Practice users can be part of zero, one or multiple teams. 

Please note, only administrators can create or delete teams, and add or remove team members. They can also view all of the current teams and team members. Non-admin users can only see who is in their own team.


Switching on the Teams feature

To switch on the Teams feature, go to Settings > General Settings > Extras > Toggle Teams to On:

Create a team

Go to Settings > Teams > Add team. From here you can name the team, add team leaders and team members, and change the team picture colour. 

You can remove team members by clicking on the "x" icon next to the user's name. 

To create the team, click Save and you will be returned to the teams page with your newly created team: 

A team needs to have at least a team name in order to be created. 

Removing a team

You can remove a team by clicking on the team name in Settings > Teams. This will take you through to that particular team, where you can select Delete to remove the team:

Viewing existing teams

If you would like to view which team(s) you are part of, you can do this by going to Your profile > Teams. Any teams you are a part of will display here.

Assigning a team to a client

You can assign a team to a client, in the same way you would an Account Manager. To do this, first you need to add a field to the Client Details form, you can do this via Settings > Forms > Master Forms > Client details and clicking Add field:

You can then select the Team field type, and this will create a drop down field which shows the Teams within a practice, so you can assign a team to a client.

Teams in jobs

A team can be assigned to particular tasks within job templates. Any activated teams will be displayed under TEAMS in the Assign task to dropdown menu found in each task:

And any Teams assigned to a client as detailed in the section above, can be selected from the first section of the Assign task to dropdown menu:

If a task is then re-assigned to a new user within the job template, any live tasks with the status of Ready, Overdue or In Progress will still belong to that particular team until being manually removed or reassigned to a different team or user.

Assigning Send email, Electronic signing and Generate a word document tasks to Teams

If you would like to assign a Send email, Electronic signing or Generate a word document task to a Team, and have set the Sender as the "Assignee", the task in the live job will show as Uncompletable until a team member has grabbed the task. 

For example, this email task is assigned to the Payroll team:

Within the Email tab, the Sender is set up as the "Assignee":

The "Assignee" refers to the user assigned to the task. As the Payroll team includes multiple users, the live task will first have the status of "Uncompletable": 

Once the task has been grabbed, the error will remove and the status will change:

Viewing tasks assigned to teams

When you are part of a team, a new task list will be added to the Work dropdown menu named You and your teams' tasks:

This will show all of the tasks assigned to yourself and the teams you are a part of. 

You can also select teams as part of filters in your task or jobs list:

It is worth noting that Senta will not pull through tasks assigned to individual users who are part of a team in this view. Senta will only pull through tasks that are assigned to a Team or have been grabbed by a team member.

Grabbing tasks 

As a team member, you can "grab" a task by selecting Grab on the task within the job:


This will assign the task to you like so:

If you would like to reassign this back to the team, you can select Ungrab

Remove a team from a task

If a task is assigned to a team, an option to Remove from team will be available in the More dropdown menu:

If the task has not been "grabbed" by a team member and you remove it from a team, the task will be "unassigned". 

If the task has been "grabbed" by a team member, the task will assign to that user.

Notifications for teams

Each member of a team will receive a notification via the notifications globe when tasks are assigned to that team. Only team leaders and account managers will receive notifications of overdue tasks.