This guide provides an overview into how the email integration works in Senta and the various ways email is handled in your practice workspace.


How does email syncing work in Senta?

Every email address added to Senta, whether for a practice user or a client, will allow Senta to sync the email history between a client and the practice into one place, on the Email tab on the client page. This allows you to view a full record of the communications between all your practice users and all contacts at the client in a single place. Unlike other apps, there is no need to cc contacts in to get the sync to work; Senta will sync all emails between practice users and client contacts.

Senta allows you to integrate any email provider, although the main ones supported are Outlook365 and G-Suite. However, as long as you can get your SMTP/IMAP settings from your provider, you will be able to integrate your email accounts. Once integrated, depending on the volume of emails the sync will normally complete within 72 hours.

Setting up the email integration

How do I approve Senta to connect to G Suite?

Switching between SMTP/IMAP and Gmail

How do I troubleshoot email problems?

Handling emails    

Emails sent from Senta will sync into each user's external, integrated email account, and vice versa, providing a comprehensive integration to ensure nothing is missed. 

Once emails linked to live email integrations/client contacts are synced into Senta, they can't be deleted. This means that even if a client leaves, their email history can remain available, as long as the client is kept in the system. For example, if you set a client as "Former Client" their email history will remain stored in Senta. This is helpful to keep accurate, in-depth records for your clients that can be easily accessed as needed. Of course, if you would like to remove this information, completely deleting the relevant Contact will remove the email history as well.

If a Practice User leaves, their account will be deactivated but their past email history will remain in Senta. No new emails will be synced in once a User is deactivated.

What happens to a user's emails if they leave the practice?

How can I send emails?

There are a few ways you can send emails in Senta. Emails can be sent from individual client pages, in bulk via a client list, or set up to be sent as part of a job. Email content can be customised using placeholders to pull through client information, saving you time by getting Senta to fill in the unique data as needed. You can even set Senta as the assignee for emails, so Senta itself will send your emails for you.

Email Clients using Senta

Assigning email tasks to Senta

What happens if I change my email password in Outlook/Gmail, etc?

You will also need to update this in your Senta profile, by going to Your Account > Your Profile: 

then navigating to the email settings and updating the password for both Incoming and Outgoing mail.

Ensure to press Save at the top of the page to store your changes.

Do emails go straight out from Senta, or need to be approved?

There is an optional feature called the Practice Outbox, which can be toggled on and off. When on, all emails sent from Senta will be held in this Outbox, where you can edit and send emails. This is an especially handy feature when using Senta to send the emails for you, to ensure they are generated but not sent, leaving you to bulk-send them at a time that suits your clients.

Practice outbox

Can I set up a practice user account just to manage emails?

If you have an email address that you need integrated, but who won't have an active user involved in doing any workflow tasks or configuration, we may in limited circumstances be able to support this. Please contact Senta support at to discuss this further.