The Work tab on the client page is where you can find all of your current and previous jobs and tasks for that specific client. The tab is split into two sections: Jobs and Ad hoc tasks.



Using the green filters along the top, you can filter to show specific jobs, assignees and statuses. For example, I can filter to show only completed Payroll jobs by filtering to "Payroll" and "Completed":


There is an option at the end of the row of filters which allows Senta to remember the filters you have set in that Work tab. This is turned on by default as indicated when toggled to "Yes":

When "Yes" is toggled and you return to a Work tab on a client page at a later stage, those filters will remain in place. 

If you would like the filters to refresh each time you return to the Work tab, simply toggle the option to "No":

You can select Reset view at any point to reset the filters to their default position. 


The Actions dropdown provides the following options for any jobs selected:

  • Change date - Change the job date
  • Cancel jobs - Cancel the job
  • Uncancel jobs - Uncancel the job
  • View as client list - Displays a view of this client on the Client list

You can perform these actions for one or multiple jobs by using the tick boxes:

Start ad hoc job

The Work tab is one of the places whereby you can kick off an ad hoc job using the blue button labelled Start ad hoc job. To find out where else you can start an ad hoc job in Senta, see our guide on How do I kick off ad hoc jobs?

Sorting columns

By default, the jobs in the Work tab are sorted by job date, earliest to latest. By using the arrow, you can change the order in which the Date column is sorted:

However, you can sort by the Job column which will sort in alphabetical order, any of the date columns, and the Progress column which will sort in ascending or descending order. Select the arrows at the top of the column you wish to sort. 

Date columns

The additional date columns, such as the Filing date and Payment date columns in the screenshot below, are Key dates in my jobs. When setting up your key dates in the job template, you can choose to Show as column and this is one of the places that they will show. 

In all of the date columns, you can filter by various ranges of dates by selecting the funnel icon at the top of the column:

Ad hoc tasks

Ad hoc tasks can include electronic signing requests sent via the Documents tab or any tasks that you have started ad hoc using the Start ad hoc task feature. 

Any ad hoc tasks for your client will show in their Work tab under Ad hoc tasks. You can filter by the start date and due date, the assignee and the statuses using the green filters:

By selecting one or multiple tasks, you can go to More actions to perform one of the following actions:

  • Cancel tasks
  • Uncancel tasks
  • Complete tasks
  • Uncomplete tasks
  • Snooze tasks - Allows you to snooze until a specific date
  • Assign tasks - Reassign a task to a different user
  • Export tasks - Export tasks to a csv file