The Contacts tab is available on the Client page and includes fields to add the contact information for your client. 


Add contacts

When adding a new client to Senta, the Contacts tab will be empty. To add a contact at this stage, go to the Contacts tab and select Add contact:

This will give you a blank form (the Contact details form) to complete.

Alternatively, you can select the down arrow icon and choose Add from existing contact:

This option will give you a list of all of the existing contacts in Senta and allows you to add one to this client record. Simply select the contact and click OK:


When adding a new contact, various fields will be available to enter contact information into. 

You will notice when changing the Contact type field, other fields will become available to complete. This is due to filters set on those fields within the Contact details form. If you would like to make any changes to the fields available on the Contact details form, please see our guide The 'contact details' form for instruction on how to do this. 

When you have finished entering the information and select Save, Senta will save the contact information and you will only be able to see the fields that you have completed:

Contact information can be updated at any stage and multiple contacts can be added to the Contacts tab. To edit contacts, select Edit at the top of the Client page and go to the Contacts tab. 

To add new contacts you can select the Add contact or Add from existing contact options at the bottom of the page, as before. Alternatively, go to More actions > Add/remove contacts. This second page will take you straight to the Contacts tab ready to edit.

Change the order of contacts

Once multiple contacts have been added to the Contacts tab, it is possible to change the order of the contacts (when in Edit mode) as they appear in the tab by using the up and down arrow icons in the top right-hand corner of each contact:

Remove a contact

To remove a contact, select Edit and proceed to the Contacts tab. In the top right-hand corner of the contact, select the x icon:

Senta will ask if you would like to delete the contact. If you would like to proceed, select Yes, delete this contact

Archive contacts

If you would like to remove a contact from a client record however retain record of their emails under the Email tab, you can archive a contact instead by selecting Archive contact:

If you wish to unarchive a contact, expand the archived contacts by selecting Show archived contacts:

...and select Unarchive contact:

Activate contacts on the portal

From the Contacts tab, you can also activate client on portal and view when the contact last signed in:

For more information on activating a client on the portal, please see our guide Activating a contact to use the client portal

Within the Contacts tab you can link contacts across client records, and also copy contacts to create a new client record using our "Copy to" feature:

For more information on linking contacts, please see our guide Client-contact linking

You may see Suggested links where contacts share similar field values in their contact information:

Suggested links do not automatically link the contacts together. If you wish to link them, you can select the tick icon or if you would prefer to remove the suggested link, you can select the cross icon. 

AML checks (UK only)

Once the AML check integration is turned on in Settings > General settings > Extras, the feature to perform an AML check will be available for each contact on the Contacts tab:

You will be charged £2.80 per check and the AML check is only available for UK addresses. In order to perform a check, you will need to ensure that there is a First name, Last name, Date of Birth and Address (including post code) entered on the contact record. 

For more information, please see our guide: AML check feature