One of the most popular uses of Senta is to automate email tasks, saving you time when it comes to writing and sending emails. In this guide we will look at setting up an email task, customising the email content, attaching documents and more.

To use email tasks in Senta, you will need to ensure email addresses have been added to your contact, and that any users in your workspace have set up the email integration.

If you do not have practice user emails integrated, you can still send email from Senta, but it will come from a no-reply email address. We strongly encourage you to set up your email integration, as you will not receive any responses to the no-reply email address.


The Email task type

This task type allows you to create a pre-filled email ready to be sent, complete with any attachments you might want to send. You can use placeholders to auto-fill any information that is stored in fields on your client records or jobs.

Can be assigned to:

Practice users and specialists)



Creating the task

When setting up your task, first select the email task type from the dropdown menu:

You'll be able to assign this task to either a practice user, a specialist, a team, or Senta.

Assigning the task to Senta means that Senta will generate the email for you, and send the email to either the Practice Outbox if this is turned on, or directly to the email address if the Practice Outbox is turned off. 

You will then be able to see an Email tab, where you can configure your email task. The default settings include some template text in the Message box:

You'll be able to specify who the email should be sent from:

As well as who it will go to (this can include both practice users and client users):

You can set up autochase on any email task, which will automatically send follow-up emails to the recipient if a subsequent task has not been completed. Tick the Auto chase? checkbox to access the auto chase tab:

And you'll be able to configure Auto chase options, including how often to chase and the end points that will stop the chases.

Adding documents to emails

You can choose for any documents uploaded to the job to automatically be attached to the email when it is sent:

You can also directly attach files using the attachment link in the formatting bar:

Completing this task type

Practice user

If one of your practice users is completing this task, clicking Send the email...

...will take them through to a screen where they can review or edit the contents of the generated email.

If the Practice Outbox is on, pressing the blue Send button will send the email to the Outbox to be sent later.

If the outbox is off, then pressing Send will send the email straight to the recipient.

As well as sending the email, you can also choose to download a copy of the email text as a Word document, or mark the task as "Already done". This means that Senta will mark the task as complete, but the email will not send.


If the task is assigned to Senta, as soon as that task reaches its start date, the email will be created automatically and queued in the Practice Outbox if it is on, or sent if the Outbox is not on.

For this reason, we recommend having the Outbox switched on if you send a lot of automated emails by assigning them to Senta, otherwise you risk emailing your clients at odd times overnight.