We have created this series of videos to help you get Senta working for you as quickly as possible. We understand that implementing a new system can be a bit daunting, it takes time out of your busy schedule, so this series is designed to have you up and running in no time.


Episode 1 - Navigating around Senta

Helpful guides:

Practice outbox

How do notifications work in Senta?

User types and permissions

Episode 2 - How Senta works

Helpful guides:

What is Configuration?

Episode 3 - Customising the Job templates

Helpful guides:

What are job dates?

What are date offsets?

What is a key date?

What different task types are available in Senta?

Assigning work to specialists in your practice

Using client contact roles

How do I use filters within jobs?

Episode 4 - How Jobs are set up in Services

Helpful guides:

Production board and production dates

Using filters for jobs within services

Episode 5 - Forms and Lookups

Helpful guides: 

What different field types are available in Senta?

The 'client details' form

The 'contact details' form

Using forms in Senta

Creating a form and adding fields

Episode 6 - Using the Client list and creating custom lists

Helpful guides:

Using client lists

Episode 7 - Setting up Emails and Texts

Helpful guides:

Setting up the email integration

How do I troubleshoot email problems?

Setting up text messaging in Senta

Episode 8 - Sending automatic and ad-hoc communications

Helpful guides:

Practice outbox

Introduction to placeholders

Placeholders/field references in-depth guide

Adding a text message task to a job

Using client contact roles