This Application Privacy Policy sets out just how we use data sent and received through the Senta integration with Gmail.  

For information about how we use other data, more generally, please refer to our Privacy Policy on our website at

In this privacy policy we use the phrase "requesting your data", which means accessing and storing your email, but we also use this to include drafting emails and sending emails through your Gmail service.  We also use the phrase "user data", by which we mean your Gmail messages.  

What entity is requesting your user data from Google? 

The entity requesting your data is Senta SaaS Limited, which provides the Senta practice management software to you. 


What data are we requesting? 

We are requesting your email.  This includes the sender, recipient, message body and attachments.  We are also accessing your data to compose emails on your behalf and to send them on your behalf.  

Why are we requesting your data? 

We are requesting data because you have enabled Gmail integration in your Senta workspace.  This provides the following features: 

  • displaying your Gmail email against your client records in Senta
  • composing email in Senta and sending it through your Gmail account
  • automatically composing email in Senta workflows and sending it through your Gmail account, for example, if you want to remind your clients about their tax payment dates. 

How can you disallow us from requesting data?

You can disallow us from requesting data at any time by switching off your Gmail access.  

To do this, go to your user profile Your Account > Your Profile > Email.  Here you can click on Disallow access to Gmail.  This will prevent any further access.

Where is data we request stored?

All data is stored on our infrastructure, which is provided by Amazon AWS in Dublin. 

Can our staff read your data?

No, Senta staff are not able to read your email messages.

Do you share my data with anyone? 

No.  We do not give, lend, sell or otherwise share your data with anyone else.