This guide will show you how to send a test email to help you to diagnose and solve a problem with your email if you are using SMTP/IMAP to integrate your email with Senta. 

First, you will have to make sure that you have completed the steps from our guide Setting up email integration: setting up Outlook, Exchange Office365 & other email integrations.

Once that's done go to Your account > Your profile > Email tab and in this screen you will see the option to Test incoming connection and Test outgoing connection.

To run a test on your incoming email connection, click Test incoming connection button.

If you have successfully completed the email setup, you should see this message:

To test your outgoing email connection, click Test outgoing connection button.

You should see this message:

Troubleshooting errors

Sometimes, when you test the incoming and outgoing connection, you may see an error message instead of the messages above. 

There a few different error messages that you can might come across, and each of those messages means something different. 

Error: LOGIN failed indicates issues with the username or the password.

Troubleshooting steps:

1. Double check the email address and the password

2. Check for any white spaces in the email or password field

3. Make sure to save changes each time you update the email address and the password

4. If all the steps above fail, reset your Outlook password and copy it over to Senta

5. Test the mail connection again

Timed out (wrong port?) error tells us that the port number that you are using might be incorrect.

Troubleshooting steps:

1. Check that the settings for both incoming and outgoing connection match those in our email settings guide.

For Office 365 those settings are:

Incoming mail server:

Incoming mail port: 993

Incoming mail secure: On

Outgoing mail server:

Outgoing mail port: 587

Outgoing mail secure: Off

Outgoing mail requires TLS: On

For any other email providers, you will have to contact your email providers directly to obtain service providers recommended settings. 

Problem connecting to error can be seen on both incoming and outgoing connections, it suggests that the email settings are incorrect. This error message doesn't highlight any specific setting, therefore we recommend that you double check them all.

1. Check all the email settings and refer to the step 1 for Timed out (wrong port?) error.

If you spot an error that is not mentioned in this article, please get in touch with