As this article explains, Lookups is the name given to all editable sets of dropdown menus available in your Senta workspace. There are many pre-loaded in Senta, but all can be changed to display the options you want, or you can add your own.


Creating a lookup

You can use lookups to record all types of information for your clients. Lookups can be added as dropdown menus to:

1. Master forms: Client details and Contact details.


2. They can be part of Other forms, which means they can be used in a job via the fill in a form task type.

If you wish to add a lookup field into a Master form - for example - a lookup where you can select an option from the dropdown menu to record how your client first heard about your practice, you will first need to create the lookup itself.

To do this, you need to go into Settings > Lookups > Add lookup > Enter the lookup description and lookup items > Save.

Adding the lookup to a form

You will then have to add the lookup as field in a form. For example, you might wish to record this information on the General tab of the Client details form.

To do so, go to Settings > Forms > Client details > General tab >  Add field > Enter Field Label and Select the Lookup Field type > Select specific Lookup > Save.

Add a Field label and select the "Lookup" Field type:

Select the specific Lookup:

Don't forget to press Save. 

Select an item from the lookup menu for a client

You will then be able to view and edit the lookup by going into a Client's page > General tab > Edit > Locate the Lookup and select the relevant option.

Locate the Lookup and select an option from the dropdown menu.

Save the page.

The selected option will then be available to view under the relevant tab:

By using field references, you can automatically pull this information into emails, notifications and text messages without the need to type it in manually.

For more information on how to use field references and placeholders, our relevant guide explains all in detail: What are placeholders / field references?