N.b. The instructions below only apply for practices using “G Suite” mail accounts. The admin/owner of your practice's G Suite account will need to update the settings below.

Open your Google Admin Console: 

https://admin.google.com/ac/owl (opens in a new tab)

(If you see an error page after doing this, you do not have the relevant permissions to access the 'App access control' page, and will need to contact your G suite administrator)

You will be prompted to sign in again, for security purposes.  If you have multiple Google accounts, you must ensure you choose the correct account when you sign in.

Once you sign in, you should see a screen like the following.  


You will then see a list of apps that are connected to your Google account, or the Google accounts of other users in your practice.

There may already be an app called “Senta”. You may need to look on other pages: 

Alternatively you can Add a filter:

… and then search by “App name”:

If there is not an app called Senta, skip to “How to add Senta as an app” later.

If there is an app called Senta, continue to “How to approved the existing Senta app” below.

How to approve the existing Senta app

Once you have found the Senta app in your apps list, click on it, and it should take you to the following screen:

At the top, it will probably say “Limited: Can only access unrestricted Google services”.

Click on the “Limited: Can only access unrestricted Google services” and then choose the other option “Trusted: Can access all Google services”.

Then click Save, and finally Back to List at the top left:

You should now be back at the original list, with Senta’s access now showing as “Trusted”:

How to add Senta as an app

(You only need to do this step if you don’t see Senta in the list of Apps above)

From the Apps list, click Add app, then OAuth App Name Or Client ID:

Type “Senta” then click Search.

You should see “Search results (1)”:

Click the radio button next to Senta, then Add.

You should now be back at the original list, with the newly-added Senta app, and the access should be showing as “Trusted”: