Gathering information for your clients and sharing this information via email is an easy process that can be completed within the same job via the use of fill in a form and email tasks.

Creating the job

1. Initially, you need to create a new form and add fields in order to collect the information needed. There are a variety of fields that can be used to gather the required information. A list of all the different field types available can be found here.

For example, if you wanted to record the number of properties owned by a client you could use a number type field. Similarly, if you needed to select where those properties are located you could use something like a text box or lookup field.

2. The next step is to assign a field reference to each field in the form. The field reference associated with each field is what will be used to pull through any information from within a form into an email. 

For example, if you wanted to record the number of properties owned by a client and you wanted to incorporate this number into your email, you could assign the field reference of ''propertiesowned'' to that particular field:

3. The next step would be to incorporate the form created in step 1 into the relevant job. To do so, you need to locate the job via Settings > Jobs.

4. You then need to add the form as a task, which should be a fill in a form task type. Select the form you just created to be filled in.

5. After adding your form as a task on the job, you can then proceed with adding your email template by creating an email task type. At this stage, if you wish for the email to go out to the clients automatically, you need to assign the task to be completed by Senta:

6. Then, in the body of the email, you can create the message that you want to send to your clients. You will also use placeholders to pull through the information from the form that will be filled in as part of the job, using the field references you created earlier. 

So if the field reference for the "Number of properties owned by client?" field is "propertiesowned", you can add the placeholder {job.propertiesowned} to pull this information into the email:

For example, if you fill out the form and select that the client owns 2 properties:

This selection will then feed back into the email via the use of the placeholder  {job.propertiesowned}:

If there is more information that needs to be pulled into the email, you can do the same for any other fields within the job form.