This guide show you how to enable service fields, which allow you to add extra details regarding services into emails or letters generated within Senta. 

What are service fields?

Service fields allow you to add additional information into Senta regarding your services. Once this extra is enabled you will be able to populate an engagement letter with sales terms or a sales description of the service. You are also able to specify set up, monthly, and annual service fees using these fields. You are then able to pull through these details to letters or emails using placeholders.

Switching on Service fields

To switch on service fields go to Settings > General settings > Extras > Service fields to On

Editing Service fields

Go to Settings > Services and select the service you would like to edit the service fields for


Once in your desired service, select the Advanced tab.

You can add a service reference, which will enable you to use the service fields in placeholders, sales description and sales terms, to be used in engagement letters, and set up, monthly and annual fees.

It is worth noting that in the sales description and sales terms fields can be edited the same as emails, which means they can also contain placeholders.

Where can I use Service fields?

Now that you have your service fields set up, you can use these fields as placeholders when generating letters or sending emails.

To pull a list of services offered to a client into an email or letter, use the following formatting:


- {service.title}

{service.sales | optional}

{service.terms | optional}

{if(service.fees.setup)} £{service.fees.setup} setup {endif}

{if(service.fees.monthly)} £{service.fees.monthly} each month {endif}

{if(service.fees.annual)} £{service.fees.annual} per year {endif}


{service.sales} refers to the "sales description" field on any service

{service.terms} refers to the "sales terms" field on any service

{services.fees.setup} refers to the "setup fee" field on any service

{services.fees.monthly} refers to the "monthly fee" field on any service

{services.fees.annual} refers to the "annual fee" field on any service

| optional} means that Senta will only try to pull through data from a field if it contains any information.

The "each" function means that Senta will look for the title, sales and terms for each service, and pull that information into an email. For example, if I select VAT and payroll for a client, the following information will display:

- Payroll service

Example sales description

Examples sales terms

£100 setup

£500 each month

- VAT service

Example sales description

Example sales terms

£100 setup

£2000 per year