In order to set up a personal Gmail account you will have to make use of Googles "App passwords" feature. Rather than using your Google Password to connect your email in Senta, Google will set up a Senta-specific password for you to use instead. 

Please note that you must also turn on 2-Step Verification in your Gmail account to use this feature.

Go to your Google Account and select Security from the menu:

Scroll down to Signing in to Google to select App passwords. If you cannot see this option, you will need to turn on 2-Step verification. To do this, select 2-Step Verification and follow the steps Google provides.

After clicking on App passwords, you will need to verify your account by using your Google password. Select Select app and from the dropdown menu select Other (Custom name):

Type in "Senta" and select Generate:

You will then be given a 16 digit app password which you can copy:

6. Navigate to your Senta workspace and go to Your Account > Your profile > Email and paste the app password into the Incoming and Outgoing password fields.