This does happen fairly commonly in accountancy practices – for example when an individual is a contact on a client company, say, a director, and yet is also a private client for their own personal tax return.

Imagine Joe Bloggs is a director of company called Acme Ltd. You are doing corporate work for Acme Ltd, but are also engaged by Joe Bloggs to do his personal tax return. 

However, Joe Bloggs may not wish other directors to see his tax return or learn about his private financial affairs. 

In this case, it's necessary to set Joe Bloggs up twice – once as a client in his own right, once as a contact on Acme Ltd. 

What does this mean for the client?

For the client it's quite easy – if they sign in to Senta, to do tasks or upload & download documents, they can switch between the various client accounts.

For more information about switching between client accounts, take a look at our guide here.

Creating a linked individual from the contact of a company

Clients and contacts can now be linked in Senta easily. The client and contact continue to exist as separate entities, but they are linked and their details will automatically update. So, if you changed their name, for example, on the client record, it would update on the contact record too.

To turn a contact into an individual client, find the contact under the contact tab on a client page. Click "Copy to individual".

You can also choose whether to activate this new individual client as a contact on their page.

You will then be taken to the new client page for the individual.

On the original client page for the company, there will now be a link to their individual page.

When clients log into the client portal, they will see a banner telling them which profile they are currently logged in as, and if they have a linked profile, they will see a link to switch to the other account.

Linking an existing individual to a company

Linking individuals to companies is straightforward, all you need to do is find the relevant contact under the contacts tab for a client/individual. Click on 'Link to another contact'

You will then be given the option to select which contact to link to.

Once you have selected the contact to link, you can select whether to merge information between the contacts.

Any linked contacts will be displayed on the contact card in the company, and for the individual.

When you activate a client for their second (or subsequent) company, they are not sent an activation email, as long as you enter the same email address. Instead, this new company is associated with their existing login. You will see a message saying "This existing user can now switch to this company". 

Unlinking clients and contacts

To unlink a contact and client, go to the company's client page, and click on the 'Contacts' tab. Find the contact you want to unlink, and click on the link symbol.

Click to confirm that you want to remove the link.